Sunday, October 14, 2012

Selma's Chicago Pizzeria

Selma's Chicago Pizzeria
30461 Avenida De Las Flores
Rancho Santa Margarita

I've often wonder if any Chicago pizza places have actually been to Chicago?  Just because a pizza is cooked in a pan doesn't mean it's Chicago deep dish pizza.   I've tried many places that claim to be Chicago pizza but they aren't anywhere close to Chicago deep dish pizza.

Selma's Chicago Pizzeria is located in the heart of white Republican Orange Curtain, filled with families with 2 kids, a SUV and the white picket fence.  God I hate the Orange Curtain!!

I got the medium deep dish with sausage and mushrooms, $17.13.  The two things I noticed about this pizza was the exccessive amount of dough and the lack of sauce!!  The was a minimum amount of sauce and it was pretty bland and average.  But, the thing that got me was the amount of dough, just way too much dough.   See that slice?  It was 60% dough and 40% toppings.  It should be the other way around.  There needs to be a lot less dough and more toppings.  The toppings were fine, fresh mushrooms and good sausage.  A better description of this pizza would be pan pizza like they serve at Paoli's Pizzeria.

Service was good.  Nice friendly people working there.  I was greeted when I walked in.  Placing my order was fast and easy.  I got my pizza within the stated time frame; 20-25 minutes.

Selma's gets an A for effort but sadly this isn't deep dish Chicago pizza.