Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cafe Ravo-Closed

Cafe Ravo
2662 Griffith Park Blvd
Los Angeles

Good Friday! I thought about going for sushi, but then I passed by Cafe Ravo and decided to get some falafel instead! Cafe Ravo is located in Silver Lake, not that far from Tomato Pie Pizza Joint. Cafe Ravo used to be called Cafe Bravo but changed it's name recently to Cafe Ravo. Maybe the electrical on the B went out and they didn't want to fix it?

Cafe Ravo is a small counter service restaurant, with about six tables. Even near closing time, 9pm, about half the tables were still filled.

I got the falafel plate, $7.34, with a garden salad, tabouli salad, hummus, and pita bread. I really like the spice mix and texture of the falafel. It had bold flavors and a crispy outside. But they were small and there was only four pieces.

The regular salad, had all fresh ingredients-chopped romaine lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes with an olive oil dressing.

I'm really not a fan of tabouli salad but this tabouli was very good. Fresh parsley and barley or whatever kind of wheat they used was perfectly blended and seasoned.

Service was pretty good. The lady who took my order was nice enough, though she could have explained they were closing in about 20 minutes, instead of asking will this be to go? She wasn't rude about it, but there are better ways to say things.

While I did enjoy the food, I thought the prices were a bit high for the amount of food I got. Four small pieces of falafel and some salads for $7.34?? I would have been better off just order falafel al carte!! No need for me to come back to Cafe Ravo.