Thursday, April 5, 2012

Corner Butcher Shop

Corner Butcher Shop
2359 Foothill Blvd
La Verne

I know, I know, a butcher shop for BBQ? Yes, Corner Butcher Shop in La Verne is a full service butcher shop, that serves BBQ. They also serve sandwiches and hot dogs. About 2-3 years ago I went to Corner Butcher Shop because they had specials on sandwiches, I believe it was 2 for 1. But, even though I went on the day the 2 for 1 special was offered, I was told they didn't have the special that day. So, I didn't bother going back.

But, I've been having cravings for BBQ, and since my first restaurant choice did have any ribs, I figured what the hell and came to Corner Butcher Shop.

I got the half rack of baby back ribs plate, with a chicken salad as my side, $9.99. Once the ribs were set in front of me, I knew the ribs weren't going to be good. They were finished on the grill, evident by the grill marks on the ribs. The ribs were very dry, chewy, and flavorless, even though they were baby backs. There was some smoke flavor. I think freshly cooked ribs would be pretty good, but these ribs had been sitting around for too long! The ribs were meaty and good quality, hell they are baby backs, but the long storage and finishing them on the grill, just ruined it for me.

The chicken salad was fantastic!! The chicken was smoked perfectly and they added some sweetness with raisins and coolness with just enough mayo to make it moist, but not drown the chicken. I would order this anytime.

Service is below average. The lady, who I believe is the owner's wife, didn't greet me or my friend, even though we walked right up to her. We were the only two customers in the store!! Anybody who runs a restaurant needs to understand, greeting customers is the first chance for your restaurant to make an impression on customers. I'm greeted everytime I go to WalMart, why can't I be greeted when I go into your restaurant. She wasn't friendly, just a matter of fact. She needs to brush up on her customer service skills.

I wouldn't go back to Corner Butcher Shop again. While the baby back ribs were a good price, the quality of the baby back ribs were well below average, just like their customer service. There are many other restaurants in the around that actually want my business, so I'll go there instead.