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Thursday, April 25, 2019


541 S Spring St Ste 131
Los Angeles, CA 90013

RiceBox came to my attention while I was walking around while waiting for a friend at Bar Ama.  Then I read this LA Eater story about restaurants using the Impossible Burger meat in other ways.  RiceBox uses the impossible burger as a filling for their dumplings.  It's not on their menu, but you can order it.  $8.50 for six dumplings.

RiceBox is located in an old theater and you can go from Broadway to Spring St, by walking through this food court-like space.  There are tons of other restaurants, including a gelato place that LA Magazine ranks as the best in LA.

RiceBox is a small restaurant with some counter seating along the window and the left side of the restaurant.  Most of the space is the kitchen and the cashier.  There are some tables outside. 

The dumplings are pan fried, with glass noodles, mushrooms, and the impossible burger meat.  It's good, but not outstanding.  There isn't that much impossible meat, and the dough is a bit tough.

Service is good.

I wouldn't go back to RiceBox for the impossible meat dumplings.