Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dough Box Pizza & Bread

Dough Box Pizza & Bread
1539 Fishburn Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90063

One of the co-owners of Dough Box Pizza & Bread used to own Hollywood Pies.  So, when Dough Box & Bread opened I was excited to give them a try! Dough Box Pizza & Bread went back to the original concept of Hollywood Pies-pick up and deliveries only from a small kitchen.  This location is in an industrial section of East LA, with tow truck yards and recycling centers as their neighbors.

A more in depth story of Dough Box!

They have been open for about five months with some late hours- 5-10pm Tues-Sun.  I went on a Saturday and the area was empty except for the people picking up pizza.

9in deep dish- mushrooms and spinach, $16.35.  Their menu prices says $15 plus $1.50 for each veggie topping.  I didn't get out a ruler to see if this is a 9in pizza, but I assume it is  So, either their online menu prices are wrong or they charged me the wrong amount.

The crust is very firm and holds up well to the toppings and sauce.  The toppings were fresh and plentiful.  But, the sauce is just way to tangy for my tastes.  They need to add some sweetness to the recipe.

Service is good.  I called before opening hours and was able to place my order.  The pizza was ready when I got there and the transaction went smoothly.

I had high hopes for Dough Box Pizza but I was disappointed.  The sauce just ruined it for me.  I'll stay with Masa or go back to Hollywood Pies.