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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shanghai Express

Shanghai Express
500 Elmira Rd
Vacaville, CA 95687

So I'm in Vacaville, CA and don't know the area at all.  But, I'm hungry and searched online and found two restaurants, China Stix Kitchen and Shanghai Express.  I went to Shanghai Express since it was only a short drive from where I was staying.

This is a fast casual restaurant.  They have a steam table full of food.  Or you can order something off their menu.  I decided to order off the menu.  The restaurant is small with about 8-10 tables.  One sloppy family just finished eating and they made a mess, there was only one child in that family, who was maybe 10 years old.  The lady didn't even clean up the area the entire time I was there, maybe 15 minutes.

Garlic prawns-$9.25 large order.  This was an ok dish.  Good portion with about a dozen medium sized prawns.  I wasn't expecting a bunch of bamboo shoots but they were fine.  The garlic sauce was flavorful.  But, the prawns themselves were a bit tough and didn't taste as though they were that fresh.

Vegetable chow mein-$5.75 large order.  This was a good dish.  Not much in terms of veggies, a few pieces of carrots, some chopped up celery and some green onions.  But, there were a lot of noodles and they were well seasoned and cooked.  Portion size was great and a great value!

Service was friendly.  But, the lady helping me, must have been new because she didn't know the prices-she had to look at the menu for the prices.  She also didn't clean up the mess made by that family.

Shanghai Express is one step up from a Panda Express.  I wouldn't go rush back but wouldn't mind giving them another chance.  The prawns, if they were fresh, could be a good dish!