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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mediterranean Delight

Mediterranean Delight
126 S Brand Blvd

Glendale is filled with Middle Eastern restaurants; Counter service restaurants like, Kebab Way, and full service restaurants like Shiraz, Raffi's Place, Carousel, and Elena's.  So, when I was in Glendale recently, I wanted to try a new middle eastern restaurant.  I went online and found Mediterranean Delight, which was much easier to find than the actual restaurant.

Mediterranean Delight is a small counter service restaurant.  There are a few tables inside, along with some outdoor seating.   Mediterranean Delight is located in a walk way, so you do no see their sign when you're on Brand Blvd.  The restaurant across from Mediterranean Delight is Vegas Seafood Buffet, that was packed, I may have to pay them a visit.

Chicken breast dinner plate, $8.70 with rice, salad, hummus, pita bread, and tomato.  The chicken was moist, juicy and flavorful!  The portion size was very generous, especially for the low price.  The rice was fluffy and cooked perfectly.  The salad was bagged salad with a tangy vinaigrette dressing.  The hummus was very smooth, but a bit bland I prefer hummus with more garlic.  But, overall a damn good chicken breast kebob.  Well worth the price. 

Four falafel al carte, $2.  This is among the best falafel that I have ever had!!  Crunchy on the outside, with a moist flavorful inside.  Just wonderful and you can tell they made this fresh!!

Service was very good.  We were greeted when we entered and the server was very nice and helpful.

Mediterranean Delight blows away the other counter service Middle Eastern restaurant, Kebab Way, that I've tried in Glendale.  And comes very close to Shirazz and Raffi's place in terms of quality, even though both of those places are full service restaurants.  I would go back to Mediterranean Delight anytime!!  What a wonderful discovery.