Friday, June 7, 2013

Gus's Lunch Box Truck

Gus's Lunch Box
Glendale Blvd. and Silver Lake Blvd.

One of my favorite food blogs is The Great Taco Hunt.  I was disappointed to learn that The Great Taco Hunt has thrown in the tortilla.  While not exactly the taco truck I wanted to review, Gus's Lunch Box was in front of Silver Lake Wine, where I was meeting a friend to share a bottle of wine.  I believe Gus's is always in front of Silver Lake Wine, but you'll have to google to make sure.

Chicken taco and carnitas taco, $1.50 each, onions cilantro, and chile verde.

The child verde was great!!  Very fresh, full of flavor and balanced-not one overpowering flavor.  But, the chicken was bland and lacked flavor.

The carnitas were much better.  A good, not great example of carnitas-tender, could have used a little more seasoning but good flavor.

Service was good.  The tacos came out quickly and the guy taking my order was nice.

I'm not really a food truck person, I've only reviewed four other trucks.  But, I really wanted to review a taco truck because I'm sadden to hear that The Great Taco Hunt blog will no longer be reviewing taco trucks!