Sunday, November 4, 2012

Smokin Jonnys BBQ

Smokin Jonnys Bbq
14813 S Western Ave

I was excited to learn a new BBQ restaurant opened up in Gardena.  I did a quick search and I found that Smokin Jonnys BBQ is not far from two BBQ restaurants that I reviewed before; The Rib Nest and Prayer Assembly Church BBQ, which may not be open. The actual church of Prayer Assembly Church is up for sale and the phone number listed is disconnected. But, I have heard conflicting stories about whether or not the BBQ is open.

Update Dec. 1, 2012:  I went to Prayer Assembly Church BBQ, and they are in fact closed. I talked to somebody who was in the parking lot and he told me the city, after all these years closed them down because they did not have a permit to run the BBQ.

So I head down to Gardena and give Smokin Jonnys BBQ a try. It's on Western, just south of Rosecrans, in a strip mall with a Mexican bakery. It's a small sized restaurant with about six tables and huge flat screen TV. They opened in January and seem to have good following.

The mild bbq sauce is pretty good, a tomato based sauce with good flavor and spices.  The hot has some vinegar and chili that gives it the spice.

Full rack of spare ribs, $21.95.  These ribs were terrible.  There was no bark or smoke ring to speak of.  No smoke flavor, and just a mushy, full of gristle and fat ribs.  I wasn't happy to waste my money on just a bad rack of ribs.  They advertise as a true BBQ restaurant that smokes their meats with hickory but these ribs tasted as though they were grilled!
Beef rib sampler, with cole slaw and potato salad, $9.95.

I haven't had beef ribs in a long time and decided to give them a try. I liked the sampler price, especially with two 6 oz. sides. The beef rib was damn good. A good smoke flavor, tender pieces of meat and a good amount of meat on the bone. I was impressed. I should have orderd a full rack of beef ribs instead of the pork ribs.

Service was good. This is a counter service restaurant; you order at the counter and they bring the food to your table. The young lady who helped me was nice and friendly. She was hard working and attentive. When the family who was eating at another table left, she quickly cleared their table. The tables were all stocked with napkins and BBQ sauce.

Overall, my visit to Smokin Jonnys BBQ was good. But, I wouldn't order the pork ribs again. But, the beef ribs are worth a trip back. Maybe I'll go get pork ribs from The Rib Nest and the beef ribs from Smokin Jonnys BBQ!