Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ranch Town Market & Deli BBQ

Ranch Town Market & Deli BBQ
1112 N San Dimas Ave
San Dimas 

Finally!!  After many attempts trying to get the BBQ spare ribs from Ranch Town Market & Deli BBQ, they finally had spare ribs today.  How did I know that a liquor store had BBQ?  Well, while eating lunch at Capri Deli in Covina, in December of 2011, somebody mentioned the BBQ at Ranch Town.  So I went there on a Saturday afternoon about two weeks later but, they were out of spare ribs.  The next time I wanted to go, I called before going and they still didn't have any ribs. This happened about four more times, I called each time and each time they told me they were out of ribs. Today I called and they finally had the ribs!!!  So I drove down there and finally got to try the BBQ.

Ranch Town is a huge liquor store with a deli counter at the back.  The deli has a good number of sandwiches on the menu.  They also have fried chicken on the menu.  But, I came for the BBQ and quickly placed my order.

Half rack of pork spare ribs, $12.99.  Six center cut ribs, there were well seasoned, a good bark, pretty well smoked-making for some tender ribs.  But there was very little amount of meat on these ribs.  I've had four pieces of ribs that had more meat than this batch of six ribs.  But, overall a good example of BBQ.  
Pulled pork sandwich, $6.99.  I normally don't get pulled pork but figured I could eat half the ribs and a portion of the pulled pork and save the rest for dinner tomorrow.  The bbq sauce is too sweet for my tastes and the pulled pork was drowning in it.  There was too much fat and gristle, but the lean meat was pretty good.  But, the BBQ sauce just overwhelms the flavor.

The people were generally nice when I called asking if they had BBQ.  But, actual service was ok.  They weren't that friendly, just going through the motions.  When I ordered the ribs, the young lady asked the lady in the back, in Spanish, if they had ribs.  I was going to cuss out everybody in that damn store if they didn't have the ribs.  Luckily, the ribs were in stock!!

While the BBQ ribs were good, it was a bit pricey for the amount of meat on the ribs and not so good that it was worth waiting about nine months to try it.  I won't go back any time soon.