Wednesday, September 26, 2012

La Creperie Café

La Creperie Café 
130 Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802

What an interesting contrast; a Hooters restaurant turned into La Creperie Cafe!  Yes, that's what happened in Long Beach, when Hooters moved from Pine Ave to The Pike area.  This is actually the second La Creperie Café in Long Beach, the first being in the Belmont Shore area.  They are copying the model of George's Greek Cafe who opened another location on Pine Ave. in addition to the George's Greek Cafe in Belmont Shore.  I have heard good things about La Creperie Cafe and decided to give them a try.

La Creperie Cafe is very elegantly decorated restaurant, with it's high ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, and dim lighting this makes for a romantic dining spot. 

Dipollo crepe, $10.95: Fresh wild mushrooms, herbs de provence and mozzarella with chicken in a sherry cream sauce.  There are all kinds of crepes on the menu and I decided on the dipollo.  The crepe itself was good with a nice firm yet light texture.  The mushrooms were cooked perfectly.  But, everything else was lacking.  The chicken was too dry and tough, the sauce was bland, just adding some salt would have improved the flavor.  I wasn't impressed.

Service was pretty good.  Our server was very helpful and nice, though he was slow to refill drinks.

I was disappointed in La Creperie Café.  I was expecting more flavor and got bland, overcooked food.  I won't go back.