Wednesday, September 5, 2012


2100 E Cesar Chavez Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 264-7201

Guisados is owned by the same people who own Cooks Torta. They also opened a ceviche restaurant not far from Cooks called Dorados Ceviche Bar, which I will be going there soon.

Guisados is located in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles, and in the 18 months it's been open, Guisados has been a hit for the foodie crowd. That becomes clear when you walk into Guisados and the douchebags with Ed Hardy jeans are mingling with the Latinos who live down the street.

Interesting trivia; East Cesar Chavez Ave. used to be Brooklyn Ave.  

All tacos are $2.50. They also have a taco sampler, $6.50, that includes 6 mini tacos.
I got the fish-grilled tilapa, shrimp and the tinga de pollo-chicken. The tacos come on a pizza pan and are hot!! The flour tortillas are freshly made and grilled. They are much thicker than any tortilla I've had. They really need to be, to hold up the toppings they offer.

The fish taco was grilled tilapia with a very spicy hot sauce that just overpowered the flavor of the taco. The tilapia was grilled perfectly. The cabbage was cut in bigger portions than the shredded cabbage of other fish tacos, but was fresh and had a nice flavor. The creme was nice attempt of adding a coolness to the taco. But, the hot sauce just overpowered this taco. I will order this again without the hot sauce.

The shrimp taco was great!! There were about five small sized shrimp in the taco. There were a ton of grilled red and green bell peppers which added a ton of flavor.

But, my favorite taco was the tinga de pollo-chicken!! This was awesome, a well balanced, nothing overpowering, taco. That was filled with shredded chicken that is cooked in a stew with tons of flavor!! The avocado added a nice coolness, but the taco wasn't spicy at all.

Service was very good. Nice friendly staff who know their menu inside and out. Ask them what comes on a taco and they know.

I would go back to Guisados anytime and try their other tacos. They are well worth the $2.50 price, good portions and good quality meats and fillings. A true gem in Boyle Heights.