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Friday, August 5, 2016

Love Letter Pizza & Chicken

Pizza & Chicken Love Letter
18333B Colima Road
Rowland Heights

When I first reviewed Love Letter Pizza & Chicken back in 2010, I only tried their fried chicken.  Yes, I also called them Pizza & Chicken Love Letter. I wanted to see if Rowland Heights had any good non chain pizza places.  The only non chain pizza place I knew of in Rowland Heights was, MaMa & PaPa New York Pizza, but that closed a long time ago.  A quick search led to Love Letter or an Italian restaurant where pizza is on the menu, not exactly what I am looking for.  So Love Letter I went!

Medium bulgogi and bacon pizza-onions, red and green peppers, mushrooms, corn, $13.07. 

Love Letter does not have a pizza without any meat toppings.  Nor do they have a create your own pizza.  But, you can order one of their specialty pizzas without meat.  So that's what I did.  They put the toppings on the sauce, then put a layer of cheese.  Interesting and different.  The sauce is very mild.  I didn't find any red peppers on the pizza, but lots of green peppers.  The toppings were fine but sparse.  But, the crust tasted like Pizza Hut, which isn't a compliment.  Pizza was OK, but considering the smallish size and high price, it wasn't a good value.

Service was pretty good.  Nice and friendly and the pizza was done quickly.  I do wish they would include a veggie pizza on their menu.

Rowland Heights is not a place to get good pizza!