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Monday, August 29, 2016


922 Williamson

I reviewed Giovanni's on Williamson in Fullerton back in 2006. Now almost 10 years later I went back to review their pizza! Giovanni's on Harbor has long closed! Giovanni's has expanded into the next two spaces.  The bigger Giovanni's now include a much larger dining area. The old area is now the game room for the restaurant. 

Large, 15in, mushrooms and jalapenos, $13.07- $8.50 plus $1.80 per topping, for the Monday Special.  Regular price, $12.50 plus $2.10 per topping.

The crust was medium thickness and firm, holding the toppings very well.  The jalapenos were fresh and spicy.  There weren't that many mushrooms, but the little amount on the pizza was fresh.  This isn't the greatest pizza you'll ever have, but a good solid pizza from a local, family owned restaurant.  Now, the big question- would this pizza be worth the regular price, about $19.  I think yes, and I assume you would get a bit more toppings since the cost per topping is 30 cents more.

Despite only one person at the front, service was good.  When I walked in there was a sign that said Help Wanted.  I can see why.  The lady taking the order was the only person working the front.  She was responsible for taking orders and taking the food to the tables.  There was a party of about 15 people and they kept coming back to order drinks or food.  They really needed somebody else to help the lady.  They could also help themselves by placing the printer for credit cards right next to the register!  The way it is set up now, the customer gives the lady the credit card, she walks about a few feet to the printer then slides the credit card.  I could see two people in the kitchen working on the orders, but they need front of the house help!  Despite being very busy, the lady was very nice and helpful. 

I would go back to Giovanni's for their pizza.