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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Man Sun Japanese

Man Sun Japanese
21190 Golden Springs Dr
Walnut, CA 91789

It must be a full moon tonight, because for the second time another terrible experience at a restaurant.  My first terrible experience was the fairly new Far East Cuisine.  This time at Man Sun Japanese, a long time restaurant in what used to be Walnut, but is now Diamond Bar!

The restaurant is packed, but that's not hard because it's a fairly small restaurant.  

I want sushi for take out.  I get the sushi menu and place my order.  The guy takes my order and gives it to the two sushi chefs behind the sushi bar.  I go out to make some phone calls and then to see if the nearby liquor store has a certain beer I like, Kronenbourg.  I come back into the restaurant and a female server tells me they do not have a sushi chef!!  WTF are those two guys behind the sushi bar doing?  Why didn't the guy who took my order tell me, instead of having me waste about ten minutes?  What kind of sushi restaurant doesn't have a sushi chef on a Saturday night??  Stupid management and restaurant!!

Terrible!  I won't go to this terrible restaurant again either!!