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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Far East Cuisine

Far East Cuisine
1220 S Diamond Bar Blvd
Ste C
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

I recently noticed Far East Cuisine and decided to give them a try tonight.  This location used to be Taza Fresh, which closed within a year of my 2008 review.

To be blunt, this place sucks!  The tables and floors are dirty and dingy.  I don't really mind because I'm ordering take out.  There is one lady waiting for her take out order and nobody else in the restaurant.

I'm at the counter ready to order, and instead of helping me, a couple walks in and the man who I believe is the owner, helps them!  They called in an order, but I should have been helped first!

I place an order at about 6:20pm and he tells me it will be 7pm until my order is ready!  Again, there was one woman, who got her order, before I ordered, so there is nobody in the restaurant!  So why would it take almost 40 minutes to get my two dish order?

Some people just shouldn't be in the restaurant business!!  Terrible!  I will not come to this terrible restaurant ever again!