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Saturday, July 18, 2015


14230 Chino Hills Pkwy
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Rokuan is in the Stater Bros. shopping center, the same center as Oh Queso is located! The sign outside says Sushi, and on the door is Rokuan.   It's a small restaurant, with minimal decorations.  It has about eight seats at the sushi bar, another five long bench seating and a couple tables to the left of the front door. 

I got there early for lunch, about 11:45am, and got seated quickly.  But, within 20 minutes, every table was filled and about three people waiting for a table. 

Shrimp sushi, $4.95 and lobster sushi, $5.95.

The shrimp was good.  Nice and fresh and good quality.  The lobster was amazing, even though it was more of a lobster salad than lobster.  They cut up pieces of lobster and mixed with the some mayo and other ingredients and it was damn good!!  

Spicy tuna hand roll, $5.15.  Again, fresh and tasty. 

Crunchy roll, $9.95.  Shrimp tempura a California roll.  Pretty good, even if the shrimp tempura wasn't that crushy.

Service was very good and attentive!

I would happily go back to Rokuan.  The exterior isn't that inviting, but the sushi is very good!