Saturday, July 18, 2015


13547 Telegraph Rd
Whittier, CA 90605
(562) 944-8803

I have been to the Pizza Mania in Long Beach, and liked the pizza and sandwiches.  I saw that there was a Pizza Mania in Whittier and I was in the area and dropped by.  I forgot to ask if the two locations are related.

The Whittier location is huge, with a separate room, where you placed your order and a huge dining area.  This place has to be very popular with the little league kids in the area.

Medium mushroom and jalapeno pizza, $16.57.   The sauce had a mild flavor.  The mushrooms were fine, but the jalapenos were pickled and just too salty.  I would prefer fresh jalapenos or pickled jalapenos that were less salty.  But, the crust was off.  Cripsy on the outside and way too bready in the inside.  The pizza was heavy and it's all crust.

Service was very good.  Mostly teenagers working, who were nice and helpful.  The pizza came out in about ten minutes.  They were pretty busy for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

I wouldn't go back to Pizzamania in Whittier, the crust just isn't up to par.