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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sorrento Italian Market

Sorrento Italian Market
5518 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City

I have eaten at four; Vince's Market, Lanza Brothers Market, Tangs, and Sandwich Island, of five sandwich shops that were profiled in the LA Weekly. I know they listed six places, but I will never go to that overpriced soda shop ever again.

 Sorrento Italian Market, like the name implies, is an Italian market, that serves sandwiches.  This is strictly take out only.  But, they had a good selection of Italian staples and their deli counter was well stocked with quality meats.

Large combination sandwich, $3.95; salami, , capicola, mortadella, provolone  on Italian roll with red sauce, lettuce, and spicy mustard.  WOW, was this sandwich good and well worth the price!  The Italian roll is pillow soft, with a nice texture and chewiness.  The meats are good quality and the red sauce and spicy mustard adds the perfect kick.  While the LA Weekly story says they don't have lettuce, there was lettuce on my sandwich.  Either way, what a find and a steal!!

Service is very good.  The people working the deli greeted me once I walked up to the counter.  They were nice enough to show me the difference between the small and large roll.  Many stores won't bother.  While they were making the sandwich, which was done quickly, they told me to go to the other side to pay.  Since it was first time there, I didn't know the procedure and they were nice about telling their SOP- standard operating procedure.

Of the five sandwiches from the LA Weekly's list, which one is my favorite?  I would say Lanza, but Sorrento comes a close second.

I would go back to Sorrento any time.  A great sandwich, great service and a steal of a price.