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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Park's Finest BBQ

The Park's Finest BBQ
1267 W Temple St
Los Angeles

I first heard of The Park's Finest BBQ when they were starting out as a catering company.  Everybody was raving about their Filipino take on American BBQ.  They catered a couple events that I was suppose to attend, but for many reasons I didn't make it.  About a year ago The Park's Finest BBQ opened it's restaurant in the Westlake area of LA, which is near Echo Park.

Right next to the very busy 101 Freeway, The Park's Finest BBQ is nicely decorated restaurant.  There are a good amount of tables and to my shock, it wasn't busy on a Sunday afternoon.  Maybe the church crowd was coming in later.

Ligaya Veggie Medley, yellow squash, Italian zucchini, and red bell peppers; $5.  Yes, normally I don't order sides at a BBQ restaurant but this looked pretty good.  I'm not a squash fan, but the veggie were well cooked but could have been seasoned a little better.  I was decent dish, not outstanding.

Elote-corn off the cob with mayo, parmesean cheese and topped with cayenne pepper, $4.  I was looking forward to this dish, but while this was good, it wasn't outstanding.  I wasn't expecting this dish to be drowned in mayo and parmesean cheese, but it was and just covered up the corn taste.  The corn really tasted as if it was from a can and not fresh.  A small portion size didn't help either. 

Mt. Malindang pork ribs and riblets, $11.  After the disappointing sides, the ribs were really good!  The ribs had a nice crust, was very tender, and had a good smoke flavor.  Honestly, it tasted just like other Southern BBQ places.  I think if you're a Southern BBQ fan, you will enjoy the ribs here.  The sides and other meats, like coconut beef, are where the Filipino influence comes in.

Service was good.  The people are nice and friendly and the food came out quickly.

I would come back here for the ribs again, but I'm sticking to my usual, no sides!!