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Friday, February 8, 2013

Sushi Koshu

Sushi Koshu
20627 Golden Springs Dr
Diamond Bar

Sushi Koshu is tucked away in the back corner of a shopping center at the corner of Golden Springs Dr and Lemon in Diamond Bar. I've gone to Double O a Korean BBQ that wasn't that good, that is in the same shopping center. 

Sushi Koshu is a fairly big restaurant with booths and tables.  The decor is a fake Japanese house.

Spicy Tuna roll, $6.50.  I usually try somehing from the sushi menu and got the spicy tuna roll.  Overall good, not great.  Didn't seem as fresh as it could be, a bit mushy.

Pork Cutlet and sushi lunch combo, $15.  The lunch combos are a good deal with salad-standard iceberg lettuce with a nice dressing, miso soup-which I didn't eat.  The pork cutlet was great.  Very crispy with panko bread crumbs and the pork was nice and tender.

Sushi-tuna, red snapper, salmon, yellow tail, and shrimp.  I'm not expert on sushi.  As long as the sushi is fresh I'm good with it.   All the sushi was fresh and tasty.  I liked the yellow tail, which was really fresh.  I was impressed.

Service was very good.  Our server was nice and friendly.  But, she forgot to give us a sushi menu, which seems stranger, but when I asked for a sushi menu she brought it right away.  See servers, it's not making a mistake that I rip restaurants, it's how a restaurant handles the mistake.  She didn't argue with me or make an excuse.  She went and got a sushi menu.  A simple mistake and a simple solution.

I would go back to Sushi Koshu anytime.  The sushi was fresh, except fo the spicy tuna, and service was very good.