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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Luxe Buffet

The Luxe Buffet
701 N Milliken Ave Unit D
Ontario, CA 91764

Luxe Buffet is a huge buffet.  One side of the restaurant is the buffet!  Most be about 30ft.  They have lots of seafood items, including sushi, snow crab legs, lobster claws, cooked shrimp and fish dishes, squid, and clams.  There were also dumplings, fried rice and chow mein, beef, chicken, and a Mongolian BBQ

Weeknight dinner buffet, $23.95.

Crab and shrimp nigri sushi, shrimp cocktail, and fried shrimp.  Both sushi was good.  Some sushi restaurants could take lessons from Luxe about how to make good sushi.  The fried shrimp was too salty!  A frozen piece of butterflied shrimp with too much batter.  Either they put too much salt before being frozen, or after being fried.

Shrimp and asparagus, shrimp and cauliflower, fried squid and green beans.  Both shrimp dishes were very salty.  The shrimp were cooked well, but they just put too much salt.  The fried squid was horrible!  Very tough as if on the steam table too long or overcooked.  The only good item on this plate was the green beans-cooked perfectly with some garlic with added good flavor but not overpowering. 

Mongolian BBQ-with shrimp noodles, mushrooms, broccoli, and onions.  While waiting for this to be cooked, I noticed they put either butter or margarine. This made it very salty along with too much soy sauce.  Everything was well cooked but too salty.

Snow crabs.  Overall good, but some legs were just too salty.  Other legs were good, with good flavor.

Lobster claws.  This was dry and very salty.  There was some type of gravy but it didn't coat the loster claws.  All the claws were dry, tough and very salty.

Caramel and chocolate ice cream- I would really like to know where they get their ice cream!  Light, yet very creamy, and full of flavor.  The caramel has caramel flavor throughout.  It wasn't only caramel syrup on ice cream.  The chocolate had so much chocolate flavor!  Wish they had ice cream cones, but otherwise, a great way to end dinner!

Service is friendly but needs improvement.  Drinks took a long time to be refilled and plates stacked up on the table before being cleared off.

I wouldn't go back to Luxe Buffet, while it's a good value, most of the cooked items are just too salty.