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Sunday, August 5, 2018


Prawn Grand Central Market
317 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

After the disaster trying to go to Seasalt Fish Grill for fish and chips, I was at Grand Central Market and decided to give Prawn a try.  The only place I reviewed at Grand Central Market was the Grand Central Market Mongolian BBQ, which is now closed.  Grand Central Market has undergone a tremendous amount of change since 2007.  More high end places have opened, pushing long time markets and food stands out.  It is much different going to Grand Central Market today!!

Prawn is located towards the southern part of Grand Central Market.  They have a few chairs at the counter, otherwise, you'll have to find a place to sit nearby.

Fish and chips-$12- They use cod, which was very bland.  This lacked any type of seasoning.  It's also not fried to order, just sitting under heat lamps.  The batter was ok, not too thick, so there were good ratio of fish to batter.  But, since the batter was luke warm at best, it wasn't crunchy at all.

The chips are terrible.  Cold, bland, and flavorless.

Service was good.

I wouldn't go back to Prawn.  They need to cook items to order and season their food.  Who cares about the wait!